Easy to Install & Maintain
Economically Feasible
Extremely Durable
Endless Options of Styles, Colours & Finishes

In short, Ecodure’s engineered oak flooring is an excellent choice for any New Zealand home or commercial building. It is not only the quality of our products, but the knowledge and experience of our staff that make Ecodure the preferred flooring supplier for New Zealand’s leading architects, designers, specifiers, developers, home building companies, and countless homeowners.

It Looks & Feels Like Real Oak – Because it IS.

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Engineered Flooring is NOT another term for Laminate Flooring.

Some people may get confused and think that “engineered” means fake or that it is another term for laminate flooring – this couldn’t be further from the truth.
Laminate flooring looks like real oak because the design layer is made with a photographic image of oak. Engineered oak flooring is made from real oak and is much less prone to moisture in comparison to laminate flooring or solid oak flooring, as Laminate flooring construction is made from MDF material, which is very prone to moisture.

What does Engineered Oak Flooring Consist of?
Ecodure’s engineered oak flooring consists of a top layer – 4mm of solid European Oak which is called the veneer or lamella. This veneer is then bonded to a plywood base base with boil-proof glue, under high pressure. The plywood is then cross-engineered- which means the layers run in perpendicular directions. This design reinforces the engineered wood’s dimensional stability particularly in areas where the Relative Humidity is high. especially in comparison to solid wood flooring. The lamella is then either stained or simply just oiled to show off its natural grain.

Engineered Oak Flooring is designed to be stable  – if installed and maintained properly.

This cross-grain structure’s design enables the boards to resist expanding and contracting when exposed to humidity and/or moisture. Our premium engineered oak flooring can be installed virtually anywhere in your home. We do not recommend installing oak in bathrooms, but kitchen areas are fine.

Engineered Oak Flooring is one of the greener options on the market today.
Whether you call it machined oak flooring, real layer oak flooring, or semi solid oak flooring, engineered wood flooring has been steadily growing in popularity over the years. Everyone wants to minimise their carbon footprint these days and engineered wood flooring is the perfect solution.

4x as many engineered boards can be made from one oak log when compared with solid oak boards of the same size.

Oak trees – in particular, take hundreds of years to grow and while engineered oak floors are still made with oak, it requires less than half the number of trees required for solid oak flooring. ECODURE Premium Engineered Oak floors is made with a base layer of plantation grade, FSC Approved, fast growing, sustainable timber – making it one of the more environmentally-friendly options on the market today. Additional benefits of using engineered oak flooring include:

  • Versatility & Stability
  • More Resistance to Moisture & Humidity than Laminates and Solid Oak Flooring
  • Ideal on a Concrete Subfloor
  • Can be used as a Direct Glue-Down or as a Floating Floor
  • Easy to Install & Maintain
  • Asthma & Allergy Friendly
  • Adaptable with Changing Tastes

We don’t just sell floors here at Ecodure. Just like every solid home is built from the floor up, that is how we have built our reputation – plank by plank, never skipping steps, or taking shortcuts. This means we provide our clients with the necessary information to make an educated choice. With Ecodure, you have the luxury of knowing the sky is the limit when it comes to choosing the floor beneath your feet.

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